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Production Capacities

Where the dream starts

Turning profession into passion

In 2006, the founder Mr. Liao gave up the high-paying job, determined to cooperate with his uncle, a product manager with 10 years of packaging experience, to ventured to set up their plastic package factory—-the factory area is only 1000 square. At that time, the network was not as developed as it is today,they all obtained clients trust and cooperating through door-to-door visiting. Until 2010, they had more than 128 regular clients in domestic.


We achieve our dreams by helping others to realize their dreams

Unruh Furniture has over 20 employees and handcrafts furniture in a 100-year-old church located in Kansas City.

We look forward to sharing our passion for craftsmanship with you.

ISO Certificated Manufacturer

No.8 Dongsheng Road,Huadu District,Guangzhou,China


We promise that the quality of the products provided to you is perfect, our products are inspected and certificated.


The packaging on the market is either limited to styles or quantity requirements. We have a professional purchasing team to meet your requests.


We save the cost of company operation and promotion.The factory provides economical transportation methods and has its own freight forwarder to help you save costs.

Meet Oversea Team


James Liao

James was a gentle man. He has a keen insight and strict self-discipline, loves climbing and fishing.


Janny Chan

Jenny is a self-motivated and hardworking wife, she loves her family, her husband, her daughter and “Nimi dog”. She knows what you want and how to talk to you.

Operation & Designer

Lisa Zhang

Lisa is a beautiful single woman. She is introverted and quiet. She likes editing and design work. In her own words, “I think introverts will do better because we are more focused and like to think.”


Joann Lee

Joann is a very nice guy, likes pets and games, He can always find cost-effective products for you.

Delivery & Shipping

Fiona Fu

A very lovely lady who loves cooking and often brings various delicious desserts for us. She can perfectly coordinate logistics and manage time

Product & Quality Manager

Xian Liu

It was our factory director who always live in factory and responsible for controlling and inspecting product quality. Thanks to him, you don’t need to worry about any quality problems.